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Chemistry that works

Copper and Boron are economical, effective, low-toxicity biocides. Both elements are essential to human health as trace minerals. Copper Care's wood preservatives are formulated to penetrate wood and cellulose substrates to protect against bio-degradation. Properly applied; they offer an optimum of protection with a minimum of risk to human health and the environment.


Designed to Protect

Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc. is a market leader in providing specialized wood preservative systems. Our preservatives are designed to protect wood from decay in a wide variety of structures and applications.

  • In-situ protect installed wood and in-service wood
  • Remedial control wood destroying organisms already present in wood
  • Prophylactic fortify & enhance existing wood protection
  • Osmotic Diffusion deep and substantial protection of substrates without pressure treatment
  • Barrier mechanical barriers to mitigate preservative depletion & inhibit decay organisms

Wood Preservatives

Barrier Wrap Protection

Barrier wraps keep the preservative matrix in the wood and extend preservative service life. They are effective at keeping preservative out of the surrounding soils. Barrier Wraps are a macro-mechanical disruptor of Basidiomycota fungal life. Additionally, the copper in Cu-Lam Barriers repels termites and works as a fire barrier above ground.


Utility Services

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Copper Care Products to the Utilities industry in North America

Copper Care wood protection products are especially tailored to protect wood utility poles.

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Copper Care products to the utility services industry in the United States and Canada.