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Wood Pole Fumigants

Super-Fume is Dazomet: (Tetrahydro-3,5-dimethyl-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione) an easy-to-use granular fumigant. Super-fume used to protect the refractory heartwoods of thin-sapwood species like Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar from decay. Extensive independent testing has proven Super-fume delivers effective protection to the difficult to treat interior of wood utility poles. Packaged in seven-pound, one-gallon jugs or by the dose in easy-to-accelerate paper-tube packaging Super-Fume is the first choice in safe and effective fumigant protection.

SMDC-Fume is a liquid pole fumigant with over 45 years of proven success as a remedial wood preservative to fight internal decay and insect infestation in western species such as Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

Fumigants are designed to help protect in-service utility poles against strength loss caused by internal decay and insect attack. They produce vapors that move within the pole both vertically and horizontally from the application holes, helping to eliminate wood-destroying fungi. They are ideal for protecting heartwood and inner regions of poles. Fumigant applications can help control incipient decay and help to prevent future fungal attack. They can be especially helpful when treating Western species (fir and cedar). Western species are prone to internal decay because they are largely heartwood which is difficult to penetrate and treat.

Fumigants are applied into holes drilled in the pole. After application, the fumigants begin to volatize and migrate through the solid wood several feet from the point of application.

New Calibrated Dose Packaging

The Granular formulation of Super-Fume is much easier to use than other wood fumigants. Copper Care still thought that improvements could be made, and is proud to introduce calibrated dose packaging. Please contact us or your distributor for more information including the different packaging materials available to determine which configuration is right for your specific application.

Dose Packaging in soluble paper tubes reduces worker exposure and assures thorough absorption of the copper naphthenate accelerlating fluid. Applicators know exactly how much Super-fume is going in the pole when they use dose packaging.