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Rino Plugs

Drilling into treated wood; to inspect and apply treatments is well established. Rino-plugs are removable and the larger sizes are reusable. Its easy to drill out the small inspection bit 7/16" Rino-plugs. The plug is designed with a starter hole. The larger Rino-plugs are cross-slotted and threaded so they can be removed and reused. The Rino-plug is made of fire-resistant, chemically resistant polypropylene with added UV inhibitors. Rino-Plugs will last for decades in harsh exposures.

Reuseable Plugs

Quality Control is easier with Re-plugs installed. Wood plugs are hard to remove - they don't drill out straight. Large Re-plugs don't have to be drilled out. Larger sizes can be unscrewed and reused. Re-plugs, by design, install easy, twist out easy, drill out easy, and they stay in the pole until you take them out.

Removable Plugs that Stay in the Pole

Above ground, wood plugs sometimes back out of the hole. The Rino-plug is made of polypropylene which conforms and molds itself to the bored hole. Expansion and contraction won't cause the Rino-plug to 'back out'. Designed with drivable threads (larger Rino-plug sizes) the Rino-plug is easy to drive into the hole and is extractable with a # six, slotted, screwdriver.

Unique Design

Rino-plug's unique design is easy to install with a unique textured tip and sides that keeps them in place until the removal is desired. When removal is required for remedial treatment they are easily removed with either a drill bit or a no. 6 sloted screwdriver.

Contract Specifications

Anywhere you need to plug holes in wood, specify Copper Care Wood Preservative's Rino-plug. It's durable, affordable, removable, and reusable.